Accommodation at Comcare is available to men and women who have a major psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder or depression. Our model of care is not designed to assist those who are intellectually challenged.
Persons requiring assistance with accommodation should further meet the following criteria.
- They need to be aged between 20 and 45 years at the time of admission to one of our homes.
- They must not have a active substance addiction, this includes both drug and Alcohol addictions. Those who are recovering addicts need to be clean for a Minimum of nine (9) months before we consider their applications.
- We do not consider persons with a history of aggression or violence towards others or property.
- All applicants need to acknowledge they have psychiatric illness and accept they need to take prescribed psychotropic medication to treat this.

Preference is given to residents of the Western Cape. Should you or a relative be interested in accommodation you need to complete our application form and send this to our office together with a recent medical report from the treating physician. On receipt of these documents we will contact the applicant and his or her family For a screening appointment. If the applicant is found suitable at the screening, they will be placed on our waiting list.