To enrich the lives of our residents, Comcare extended its services to include the provision social and support programmes.

The Welcome Club operates from the unused stores building on Valkenberg Hospital grounds. Renovated to provide a cosy cheerful environment, this building is a hive of activity each weekday morning between 9h30 and 12h30.

This special club is open to all with a psychiatric illness; this includes the residents of Comcare group homes and non-residents, psychiatric hospital in-patients and out patients. The club aims to provide a welcoming and caring environment to socialise, receive support from fellow sufferers and engage in craft activities. A variety of social, educational and creative activities are organised. For club participants a light lunch is prepared and served.

By far the greatest achievement has been the creatio
n of a place where people with mental illness feel welcomed and embraced. They are able to attend on a daily basis for companionship, crafts and coffee, instead of wandering the streets aimlessly or sitting home alone. The participants perhaps best describe this special and unique club:
" I find the welcome club very encouraging. It's been there for me through some of my tough times. It encourages you to bring out some of your best skills you don't actually know of." Robert
"It is the only place I really feel welcome. I love coming here because it brings me back to NORMALITY. Whether I'm up or down my friends help me gain reality." Jane
"The welcome club is great. It helps me to stay positive and the activities keep my mind busy, but the best thing about it is the socialising." David H.