Comcare homes blend into their local communities. The operate as ordinary residences, no different from their neighbours houses. This ensures our residents have the opportunity for a normal life, fully integrated in their local community.

At all our homes our trained staff provide a level of care and support that complements the skills and capacity of our residents. The residential support workers do not live at the Comcare group homes, rather visit on a daily basis between 08h30 and 16h00.They assist our residents with all aspects of managing a home from cleaning and cooking to sorting out minor conflicts such as "who used all the hot water this morning". Our residents need to be sufficiently independent to manage in the evenings and over weekends without staff present. We do have an emergency and crisis call out service for our when residents when they are not well or there is a major problem at the house.Big House

Comcare currently runs seven (7) group homes, and one (1) block of flats in and around Cape Town. We are able to provide 60 adults with psychiatric disabilities accommodation in our group homes. Sadly the need is so much greater and we have a waiting list of people who would love to stay in one of our homes.